One of the bloodiest encounter of World War II occurred in Ormoc during the Japanese occupation.

With a history written in blood,tears and agony, an impressive memorial marker put up by the Nagoya and Gifu Prefectures as a token of friendship of Japanese and Filipinos in the aftermath of World War II.


It is situated in one of the city’s picturesque hills overlooking Ormoc Bay, Carlota Hills in Brgy. Can-adieng. Japanese visitors frequented this area in memory of their beloved countrymen who fought in World War II. Indeed, this is one of the fascinating landmarks that highlights Ormoc City and the role it played in history.

This one of my favorite tales that my grannies used to tell us when we were young, astound with the thought that aborigine Ormocanon families has its own story to tell, we would love to hear yours!

Photo Credit: Taloy Con-ui Noval

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