Did you know? Puente de la Riena the “Bridge of the Queen” is considered as the last existing physical structure that symbolizes the Spanish colonization in the City.

Known as the oldest bridge, its cobblestones are still intact, relics of an age long gone. It was built in the early 1800’s but was completed in 1861. During the Spanish era, the bridge served as a docking area for sailboats, vintas of Chinese, Javans and Indonesians who frequented the island to sell their products.


The bridge is still in use today. It is situated near the old twin buildings of the Executive and Legislative branch of the city and beside the old Ormoc City Hall that will be soon converted into a museum. Puente de la Riena is included in the Puentes de España en las Filipinas or the Spanish Bridges in the Philippines.

Growing up as a kid I would always pass this “little bridge” I call and would watch all these fish swim in frolic into these aesthetic lily pads.

Share your thoughts and memories to this fascinating landmark of the city by the bay!

Photo Source: Mellcheng Aparis

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