Choosing the right color for my hair that complements my skin tone is definitely a dilemma for me. I have already tried all shades of brown for my hair for the past decade! And this time, I want to explore something new and audacious.

When I was in Cebu my hair stylist is a guy who pretty sure knows what he is doing and gives a care about my hair and would sometimes let me sign a waiver knowing how stubborn I am when it comes to styling. Lol. When I decided to stay in Ormoc for good around mid last year one of my main struggles (aside from the sluggish internet connection being on the top list) is finding a good hair stylist. It’s not as easy as shooting fish in a barrel knowing how fuzzy I am when it comes to my hair. So, I was introduced to Jesli Teves which is now the owner of Tease Hair Lounge and Beauty Salon and I was so happy because finally I have a hair stylist that I can entrust my hair to.

Tease Hair Lounge and Beauty Salon is located in Bonifacio Street Ormoc City just beside AMA and in front of Pongos Hotel.

I love the professional vibe of the place the staff wear uniforms and they all seemed to know what they are doing.

16426655_10209653707312027_245889534_nTease Hair Lounge and Beauty Salon team

Before I have severe grown out hair that needs some major fixing.

Hair Color: Caramel Brown

In achieving the color I want below she has to bleach it first before applying the hair color. It was a long process that took us 3 hours to finally even out the out grown hair.

Hair Cut: Forwarded Layer
Eyelash Extension: Php 1,200 (unlimited retouch) using human hair eyelash

Knowing how I easily get bored with my current style, I dared to make a decision of a lifetime on cutting my hair short..and besides I trust my hair stylist.

Hair Color: Lightest Blond mixed with Light Golden Flaxen
Hair Cut: Squared Layer

Even before I always wanted to try fashion colors on my hair but knowing how picky I am when it comes to salon and hair stylist it was impossible.  Now I have the total confidence on taking my hair to the next level observing how skilled my hair stylist and with the topnotch product she is using to avoid unnecessary hair damage.


When we were in the middle of the process she told me that they have a new service called Sparkling Hair. Being always curious, I tried it!

Sparkling Hair in Silver
While putting the sparkling hair


After the whole process, I can’t be any happier with the result.

Hair Color: Ash Grey
Hair Highlights: Sparkling Hair in Silver Color (Php 75/ strand)

Check out their other services offered and share us your experience in the newest Salon in Ormoc City.

New Services:

  • Loreal Diamond Rebond
  • Revlon Gel Polish with UV LED
  • Jasi Gel Polish with UV LED
  • Kerabond
  • Dia Kerabond
  • Foot Spa Deluxe
  • Foot Spa Detox
  • Hair Sparkle

Other Services:

  •  Rebond
  •  Brazilian
  • Hair Color
  • Fashion Color
  • Eyelash Extension
  •  Nail Art
  •  Hair and Make-up
  • Eyelash Perming
  • Hair Perming
  • Waxing
    – Armpit
    – Hand
    – Leg
    – Face
  • Threading
    – Armpit
    – Hand
    – Legs
    – Face

*Opens from Mondays to Sundays from 9:00AM to 7:00PM.

For more information contact Jesli Teves at (0977) 433 4587.


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