If you are a certified organic-holic this place is for you. Though we live now in a world where convenience has become the order of the day and processed food has been a part of the people’s daily diet. What do you say if we step up and lead to a healthier lifestyle by trying out the organic food served at Ormoc Herbs.


This organic food restaurant is perfect for your afternoon breaks as they serves nothing but all natural ingredients straight from their backyard.


Their Carbonara (Php 200) is a must try when you visit this place. Its sauce is rich and absolutely divine, for me it is a real treat.


Of course I wouldn’t want to miss ordering the house specialty best seller Ormoc Herbs Salad with dried fruits and mixed nuts (Big) Php 450


Healthy Concentrated Juice with Chia Seed and Herbs (Php 200) This drink is refreshingly good and it is best paired with your salad.


I love the totality of the place where they grow their own herbs and spices ranging from Chives, Dill, Basil, Rosemary, Coriander, Cilantro,Cucumber, Mint, Aragula and Chia Seeds!


I love the back view of the place which makes it a place to be for casual conversations over an afternoon tea breaks.


The inside area of the place is quite intimate that can only accommodate maximum of 15 persons.

The staff are very friendly and accommodating which is a plus value for the money spent if I go to any restaurant.
IMG_9061View of the place during night time.

It is just one ride away from the city of Ormoc through public transit via motor cab to Simangan San Lorenzo Village.


They are open from Monday to Sunday 8:00AM till 5:00PM. Should you wish to make a reservation before going here you can contact them at 0917-569-5954.


Ormoc Herbs also sell organic lettuce, organic fruits, herbs and spices for home cooking and planting as well as for gifts.


Photo Contributor: Taloy Con-ui Noval and Geoffrey Aparis Jr.


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