Growing up I am one of the biggest fan of Disney Channels’ Art Attack! It’s a haven for all things crafty and it’s a great way of encouraging audience to think outside of the box.

Last April 10 our team Discover Leyte Society was invited for a media brief for an upcoming event this month and was enthralled with the thought that it will be the first of its kind in the Region as Shopko in cooperation with Ormoc City Visual Artist Association brings you the first Arts & Crafts Fair in Ormoc City!


It’s a whole day interactive product demonstrations by the local artists every hour which aims to enhance the artistic side of all art enthusiasts through fun, inspiration, creativity and self-expression as well as to provide quality, easy to use products and information as they will be giving discounts to all art related items such as Titus, Zig, Uni, Chalk Marker, Stabilo, Reeves, UniPosca, Limelight and so much more. By the way, admission is absolutely FREE!

IMG_9742Artwork by Anina Rubio

One of the guests during the event is a visual artist, calligrapher and ZIG ambassador Anina Rubio, her works have appeared in independent films and various local and international brand collaborations. Joining her will be Normal Bauzon an in-house calligrapher from ZIG.

IMG_9741 Photo Source: Anina Rubio’s Instagram

Art is a multi-faceted medium of creative expression. It is superior to language in that it allows for a deeper, more immediate and more expressive form of communication. No wonder a lot of people nowadays are drawn into art. It has been the repository of a society’s collective memory.

IMG_9591Together with Ms. Evangeline Chan-Chu of Shopko with few items for the showcase which will be available at a discounted price only at the Arts & Craft Fair 2017.

IMG_9697From left to right: Yours truly from Discover Ormoc City, Noveleen Faye Abarca of Ormoc Foodies, Ms. Evageline Chan-Chu of Shopko, Ryd Go and Alden Escabarte of Discover Baybay City. || Photo by Ormoc’s Only Top Diary (OOTD)

Arts & Crafts Fair 2017 offers young artists the opportunity to experience the arts, to have fun creating while challenging their imaginations and to meet friends as well as to explore the creative processes, techniques and materials with the guidance of the local artists in Ormoc City who will be joining the said event.

Kids are more interested in having gadgets now than things like colored papers, pens, clay and glue. Let’s change the idea of fun for a child and pin the 18th of April in your calendar as one of your family activity this summer and let’s help connect people through the universal language of art. See you around!




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