A family reunion is often a memorable event. Organized as a means for members to keep in touch with one another, it can help you reconnect with long-lost cousins, aunts, uncles or anyone whom you have not kept in touch with over the years. It may be possible to find out about family members you did not know you even had, it provides a means for younger family members to learn about their heritage. In such a case, your elders will lead the reunion with stories about the start of the family tree.

This July 2, 2017, Con-ui Clan will Continue The Legacy as they will be having a barrio fiesta grand family reunion in Sto. Niño College Gymnasium here in Ormoc City!


They will have a motorcade at 7:30 AM starting at the city stage and will come together at the Sto. Niño Gymnasium where a holy mass will be celebrated by 10:30 AM.

IMG_9987Descendants of RUFINO CON-UI || Taken last 2015
IMG_9988Descendants of JULIO CON-UI || Taken last 2015
IMG_9978Descendants of ISLAWA CON-UI || Taken last 2015

And to make it another event to remember, they will organize a unique fun number of activities like Bakya Fun Run and Zumba for everyone to participate and enjoy!

IMG_9985IMG_9984IMG_9983IMG_9982IMG_9980Taken last 2015 Reunion || Photos by Taloy Con-ui Noval

They have a lot of great things planned and this sure to be a time of many laughs, catching up, reminiscing and memory making.


For more information about the upcoming Con-ui Clan Grand Reunion you can contact:

Raymund Tan – 0920-981-5611 | Sammy Aviles – 0918-925-4955 | Taloy Noval – 0920-900-2358 | Jovie Aviles – 0917-306-0903 | Eileen Martinez – 0915-403-4594 | Cecille Larrazabal – 0923-186-8305

Also visit their official Facebook group Kaliwat ug Con-ui for updates about the reunion.


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