The First Do It Yourself Laundry is now open! HUGE Laundromat offers quick and clean laundry service at a very reasonable price while you wait! With so many of us operating on a tight schedule, these services can be of great value to our busy lives.


For Php 140 / 8 kilos that’s a total HUGE savings (do the math and I bet you’ll agree!) and a total new experience to do your laundry. Oh, don’t have time to do the laundry yourself? No biggie as they also offer DROP OFF-SERVICE at only Php 30/cycle with the SAME DAY PICK UP GUARANTEED. Get lucky enough and get your laundry in just 2 HOURS!


Our clothes are a reflection of who we are as individuals and we take pride in keeping them in good condition as well as how our clothes should smell. Now, with this new kind of laundry service in Ormoc City you can certainly choose and bring your own liquid  detergent and fabric conditioners. Forget to bring one? Not a problem as they also sell a variety of liquid laundry soap and fabric softeners in the store.


Aside from its relative newness of the machines and its cleanliness.  Laundromats allow for one person to have multiple washing and drying machines going simultaneously.

Here are some benefits why you should do your laundry at HUGE Laundromat:


-A large amount of clothes that you bring with you can be loaded into several washing machines and be washed at the same time.

-Washed clothes do not have to be hanged on a cord, but can be immediately dried in their industrial dryers.


-Industrial washing machines with large drums with patented cascade surface and “PowerWash” system have much better washing performance compared to the domestic washing machine. Industrial machines wash clothes better,  more gentle and faster than domestic washing machine.


-HUGE laundromat can become a regular meeting place of friends, classmates, mothers with babies etc. A lot of topics can be discussed while your clothes are being washed.

SPOILER: You can take advantage of free internet plus a coffee bar. Thus you can do your e-mails and chat your friends might as well check-in to HUGE Laundromat and tell your friends about it!

And maybe you can meet a new acquaintance or…or love interest. ❤

IMG_2183 So that’s pretty much it! Now this is me trying to be a lazy ring card girl telling you that HUGE Laundromat is located at UN Building (Near Gaisano Riverside) and they are open from Monday to Sunday 8:00 AM to 8:0 PM.


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