Anyeong haseyo! If you’re craving for a Korean food from the favorite Korean dish bibimbop to the famous all time favorite samgyeopsal, Seoul Jeoung Restaurant has more to offer that can satisfy your cravings with its authentic Korean dishes.


Seoul Jeong restaurant is located at Bonifacio Street Ormoc City. The Restaurants facade is really not that visible from the street though you can see a sign “Seoul Jeong Restaurant”.


Once you enter the area you will be surprised by the artistically painted walls created by our very own artist in Ormoc City.


They even have a traditional Korean dress called “Hanbok” hanged for you to try on! You can use this as props when you want your pictures taken.


The inside of the restaurant which is air conditioned can accommodate to a maximum of 20 persons.

IMG_0530IMG_0529IMG_0528They also have bigger space for larger groups at the back of their building. Ideal for any private parties and exclusive company meetings. The area during lunch time might be a bit hot but there are ceiling fans provided on each shack so that would not be a problem.

Our Korean dining experience wouldn’t be complete if we will not try the extremely popular Korean BBQ dish—Samgyeopsal!

IMG_0509IMG_0516IMG_1939IMG_0510 Samgyeopsal Grilled Pork Belly Price at Php 180.


Samgyeopsal is a popular Korean dish that is commonly served as an evening meal. It consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat and it’s cooked on a grill at the diners’ table. Just be careful though the pan gets really hot so be cautious not to touch it.

We also tried their Bolgogi Stew, marinated meat slices cooked on a hot pan with vegetables, mushrooms and glass noodles.

IMG_1941Bolgogi Stew Price Php 200 (good for 1 person)
IMG_1940SUSHI ROLL Php 400 per set | Php 50 per piece
IMG_1944Yujacha Expresso Tonic Php 50

One dish that catches my taste bud that is so similar with Patatim is Jokbal, a pig feet that is cooked and seasoned with soy sauce. It was served to use with lettuce that we used to wrap up our portions of the meat and eat it along with some spicy sauce and spiced radish.


The whole dining experience was great. For those wishing for an authentic and quality Korean meal Seoul Jeong Restaurant is the place.


For reservations you can contact 561 7471 or 09171328880. You can also check their facebook page Seoul Jeoung Restaurant.

IMG_1946Discover Leyte Trends together with the owner: (Left to Right) Ivy Bolaño, Jhay Quirino, Taloy Noval, Chad Milallos, Nikka Ynot (Discover Ormoc City) and Gina Fajardo Ryu (Owner).

Come now and try their delicious Korean food that has crowds coming to their doors!


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